SIA Research Report

Achieving Excellence in Direct Sourcing for Contingent Workforce

There may be more myths and misconceptions about direct sourcing than best practices and success stories. That’s why Raise commissioned the contingent workforce industry’s premier thought leader – SIA – to produce a comprehensive research report that will help programs navigate this tremendous opportunity.

The basis of this report is a survey of 183 contingent staffing program leaders at 158 unique companies, in combination with in-depth interviews with 15 leading practitioners and thought leaders (like us). The report seeks to answer the question: is direct sourcing just a fad, or is it truly the next big thing? Here’s what the report concluded:

“Direct sourcing offers a potential impact on the scale of VMS and MSP models of a decade ago. Interest is exploding, yet direct sourcing is being held back by uncertainty around its business impact and confusion around best practices.”

To clear up any uncertainty, this comprehensive report will provide clarity on:

  • Why direct sourcing is on the rise, with 60% expected adoption
  • The detailed business case for direct sourcing
  • How to overcome common barriers to implementation
  • Best practices of direct sourcing leaders
  • Eight steps to accelerate your direct sourcing

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