SIA Research: Insights & Best Practices to Deliver Direct Sourcing​ (Webinar Replay)

Direct sourcing is the #1 topic and trend in contingent staffing, yet there may be more myths and misconceptions than best practices and success stories. That’s why Raise & LiveHire commissioned SIA to produce a comprehensive research report to help contingent leaders navigate this tremendous opportunity.

In this SIA webinar replay, you’ll join SIA President, Barry Asin, Edwin Jansen, Head of Corporate Development at Raise / Ian Martin Group, and Karen Gonzalez, Executive Vice President at LiveHire for a data-driven presentation about how direct sourcing can work for your business. This webinar will provide clarity on:

  • Why direct sourcing is on the rise, with 60% expected adoption
  • The detailed business case for direct sourcing
  • How to overcome common barriers to implementation
  • Best practices of direct sourcing leaders
  • Eight steps to accelerate your direct sourcing

Ready for Raise?

Let’s talk about how your program can hire better, faster and for less. Set up a time with our lead consultant for direct sourcing, Tim Rhodes.

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